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While on my way to dinner at Glenmarie, i was captured by this wonderful light.


a recharging trip

tea plantation, Brinchang

tea plantation, Brinchang

The saying always goes, “we rest, in order to travel further”.. how true and apt it is. It has been many months of work, and not much of play.. and i was really getting very tired of it. This break to camerons was timely, and refreshing. Most of all, the company was good and warm. Thank God for frens, and the fellowship of His saints. I am now recharged, and hopeful for the things to come 🙂

Some photos from this trip :
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Big Fat Bird Café

Today was the launch of Big Fat Bird Café (BFBC), and i was there to show my support.. and whack the food of course! ..hehe…

BFBC is a little café in white, with comfortable sandwiches and cozy coffee 🙂 It’s the perfect lunch-time hideout for those working in the vicinity, and an ideal place to idle your Sat mornings having a cuppa and sinking into a book or two. Why only Sat, you ask? Cos they’re closed on Sun :p Find out what they serve and where they are on BFBC website.

Also, today is the debut of Victor’s new book, entitled “Upsides In A Downturn” – on strategies to succeed in any recession or tough times – and it comes with a CD too! You can get a copy of the book+CD from BFBC or you can read an excerpt of it from this link (scroll down to about half a page on the website).



.. ellooo unc.Kay… you’re reading the wrong book!


… i think you should just keep your daughter occupied instead 🙂



For more pictures, view the slideshow below :

I’m in The Star! …well, at least my photo was..

Back in March 2009, i was in Putrajaya with David and Liz to shoot some phtos with them. This was the place they met on their first date one of the places they went while courting :). It was a cloudy day, but we still managed to squeeze some shots and left just in time before the rain. And fast forward to today, David smsed me to tell me that the picture i took of them was published is one of our local dailies! So i quickly grab a copy of The Star, and yes, there it was in the special pull-out on Weddings! Haha.. that made my day 😀

Thanks David & Liz, for the opportunity to snap some lovely moments with you guys. Oh.. their wedding is just next week! Check out their personal wedding blog!



… and this is a farnie one 😀



Julian + Louise

There was such a sense of gusto in this couple when i first met them. If Louise is the gorgeous jewel, then Julian is the proud owner that can’t stop smiling 🙂 It was so much fun to be able to share in their session, and i had Daren Chong to thank for allowing me to shoot alongside with him (he’s such a splendid photographer! i really learnt alot from him).



Funny moments… all the time!IMG_5155-copy

Albeit cliché.. but i love this shot 😛IMG_5271-copy-2

Harris + PeckSun

Spontaneous, funny, loving and a match made in heaven.. to me, that best describes the chemistry between harris and pecksun. Though we only spent half the day walking about the busy streets of KL, this couple amazed me with their energy and enthusiasm.. and that’s really their love language to each other 🙂

Harris, PeckSun; hope you both are blessed as much as i am, to be given the opportunity to  frame these moments of love you have for one another.





Derrick + Madeline

I was given the privilege to photograph two of my best friends for their pre-wedding.. and it was in Perth and Melbourne! What an honour it was!! I was really nervous and panicky, and given that i don’t know these places well enough, it was really scarry. But thank God for Vivian, Maddie’s sister who stays in Perth. She was our tour guide, chauffer, porter, and also maid of honour (yea.. all rolled in one! :)) Through the whole episode, it was really fun, exciting and tiring (oops..).

Guys, i know you’ve been waiting for the photos for a while now.. i’ll assure you that it will be forthcoming! So in the mean time, here’s some sneak-peak shots, hope you’ll enjoy them. And many thanks to Vivian and Peter for your hospitality and help throughout our visit in Perth. Enjoys..





… and my personal fav 😀